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54th Annual Painted Post Colonial Days Parade

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Cub Scout Pack 129 Pack 129 Colonial Days Parade


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Thank You!

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The Painted Post Fire Department would like to thank the membership of Pack 129 for the beautiful job they did yet again, planting flowers to make the station look nice for our Memorial Day celebration.



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Engine-27 A 1969 open cab, American LaFrance, 1000 gpm diesel powered custom built fire engine. Used as a supply engine to all structure fires, brush fires and miscellaneous calls, and still meets all the requirements for a class A fire engine.  It's twin was retired in 1998, when the new engine was purchased. Rescue-25 A 1994 EONE Rescue/Command unit, has the capability of  responding to every emergency to perform specialized tasks such as; rescue, search, extrication (jaws of life), medical, hazmat, heavy rescue, and firefighting, as well as other emergencies. It is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to perform every job possible (spare SCBA tanks, high powered lighting and generators, mapping, building plans for commercial and industries, Thermal Imaging Cameras, gas detectors and monitors). Our rescue is also used as a command unit for all types of large scale alarms so the Chief and Liaisons from other departments and agencies can perform their jobs in a controlled environment. This unit will also respond to mutual aid departments to give direct support for each task as well. Engine-30 A 1998 EONE engine with a six person cab, 1,000 gallon tank, and a 1,500 gpm pump. This engine is also equipped with tools and equipment to maintain a class A engine including a set of the jaws of life and tanker filling equipment for fires in the areas with out fire hydrants.  This engine also responds to all vehicle emergencies, (fire and rescue) as well as structure fires as a second due response engine, and responds to all mutual aid emergencies throughout the County. Engine-29 (SS-Hallinan) A 1991 EONE custom built truck, holding a rare ten personal cab, 1,000 gallons of water,  2,000 gpm pump, and six 200ft pre connect hose lines. This engine is also equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to maintain a class A engine.  When purchased, it was the largest fire engine in the County, as well as parts of the State. This engine primarily responds to all structure fires in the Village of Painted Post and Riverside,  and respond  mutual aid only for the City of Corning, and large business and industries in the Town of Erwin. Truck-3 A 1979 American LaFrance 100ft straight stick aerial, is one of four ladder trucks to be purchased and used in the fire department.  Carrying  only ground ladder, saws, and rope, we consider it unique, as it does not have any hose or water like ladder trucks have today. Brush-67 A 1999 Ford 4x4 pick-up truck, used for off road firefighting. This unit hold six persons, 250 gallons of water, forestry hose, rakes, axes, and shovels to make fighting grass, woods, and forest fires an easier task to accomplish. Miscellaneous Unit-13 A personnel van used to transport firefighter and equipment to and from alarms, training, meetings, and classes

History of the Painted Post Fire Department

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The Painted Post Fire Service began on August 14, 1884 with the Iredell Hose Company, Iredell Engine Company, and the Bronson Hook and Ladder Company.  In 1893 an additional Hose Company was added to the fleet, the Adams Hose Company. Each company held twenty men, and was highly active in answering alarms and responding to several block fires.  A large fire bell was donated and mounted on the fire station by Bronson family. Each Engine and Hose Cart only carried 500 feet of hose, the Hook and Ladder truck only held two ladders, all the apparatus fully equip cost $1,000 each. In 1927 all the company names were changed to the Painted Post Hose Company and membership reduced to only fifteen. Finally in 1952, the department was renamed to what is now known as the Painted Post Fire Department. The fire department still has one of the original hose carts and Chief helmets in the station and are on display. The fire department was located in a two story wooden structure on West Water St. until September 30, 1919 when a new Town Hall was built for $45,000, to house the Village Board, Fire Department, and Police Department. In 1952 the new municipal building was built to where it is today, in 2001 the municipal building was renovated and expanded to make efficient room for the constant upgrading and larger equipment for the Fire Department. On September 19, 1918 an alarm system was put into place and sixteen fire boxes were placed throughout the Village. the Fire whistle that is still in use today was in service on February 22, 1924, and the alarm system was linked to the whistle on December of the same year. Between 1884 and the mid 1940's, the fire department with only four truck provided fire protection to areas of Painted Post, Gang Mills, Erwin, Presho, Monterey, Lindley, Coopers Plains, Long Acers, Hornby, Riverside, Lawrenceville, and along the borders of Pennsylvania, Addison, Campbell, and Corning. The first motorized piece of equipment was purchased on June 27 1918, it was a Reo combination chemical truck. holding two chemical tanks, 1,000 feet of supply hose, and 200 feet of attack hose, the total purchase was $3,000. The first motor driven pumper was purchased on December 14, 1923, used from Scranton Pa, the truck used cost $1,300. A Chemical Ladder truck was purchased for $9,000 on December 16, 1925, carrying two forty gallon chemical tanks, three hand tanks, 1,600 feet of supply hose, four ladders reaching fifty feet, thirty-five feet, twenty-four feet, and twelve feet. The two trucks were replaced again in 1936 and 1938, a Ward LaFrance 500 gpm pumper in 1936 which was later sold to the Coopers Plains-Long Acers Fire Department in 1953. In 1949 an additional Engine was purchased to bring the fleet to three trucks. In 1955 a sixty-five foot Mack ladder truck was purchased to replace the 1938 Chemical truck.  A Rescue Squad was formed in 1953, with a roster of five men, and was only to act as Fire Police. In 1969, Painted Post purchased and received two American LaFrance Series 900; 1,000 gpm diesel powered custom built fire engines The twins, were the first diesel powered pieces of fire apparatus in Steuben County. Today the Painted Post Fire Department has a roster of thirty-one active members and has seven pieces of apparatus to provide fire protection to the Villages of Painted Post and Riverside, and mutual aid to surrounding fire departments in Steuben County. The fire department is a Municipal Volunteer Fire Department with an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) fire suppression rating of Class 4. The fire department is very proud of this rating as it is usually only earned by full time career fire departments. We have maintained this rating for the past four decades, prier to that we held the highest Insurance Class rating from 1919 until the insurance companies made the transition to a numbering system in the 70's


Mission Statement

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It is the mission of the Painted Post Volunteer Fire Department to protect the life and property of those within our protection district from the adverse effects of fire, weather emergencies or exposure to other dangerous conditions through fire suppression, rescue, disaster preparedness, fire prevention and community education.  Our members discharge our duties in a manner that protects the reputation of our department and the community we serve.

Thank You Painted Post Residents

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We would like to extend our thanks to the residents of both the Villages of Painted Post and Riverside, for your continued support and understanding. Also those who are in service protecting our freedom all across the globe, we salute you and may your journey home be fast and safe. Feel free to stop by the fire station on any Monday night between 7:00pm and 9:00pm, or whenever the doors are open. You are always welcome.

Cub Scout Pack 129

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The Painted Post Fire Department is the proud sponsor of the Cub Pack 129 Pack meeting 9-11-2013

The membership would like to thank our Cub Scout Pack for all their hard work and dedication to the organization and the community. We are all very proud of our Cub Scout Pack and wish them all the best of luck in their achievements and future goals. Any one who would like to join the Cub Pack or would like more information, please contact Peter Reif. Peter is our liaison between the fire department and Pack 129. Peter Reif:

Memorial Names

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Lost but not Forgotten

May we continue what they have started



Erastus T. Bronson1867
Frank E. Randall1885
Charles C. Calkins1889
Charles A. Rose1892
James Z. Wilder Sr.1892
Dr. Joel Wakeman1898
James M. Sawyer1899
Warren S. Hodgman1903
William H. Calkins1905
William S. Ellison1905
Melancthon W. Hubbard1908
Charles E. Adams1911
John G. Webster1916
Oscar J. Wills1917
Samuel J. Brewster1918
George A. Bronson1920
Richard W. McCray1921
Benjamin G. Bassett1921
Oliver J. Orr1923
Augustus H. Wood1924
Edwin A. Rood1925
Harry E. Waite1926
Edward B. Hodgman1926
Willis J. Masters1927
Edward G. Britton1928
Roy J. Brooks1931
Charles T. Iredell1933
George W. Campbell1934
Charles W. Rarrick Jr.1935
Delos H. Lee1937
Carlos A. Beebe1937
George L. McIntyre1937
Jesse F. Cornell1941
Lyman B. Hodgman1941
Herbert L. Hollister1942
Arthur J. Berns1944
Walter Manning1945
Frederick G. W. Osbourne1947
Neil C. Cotter1953
William G. Coumbe1953
Charles C. Lambert1953
Frank H. Wilder1954
Dr. Lawrence Herrington1955
Richard Kelly1957
Harry L. Quigley1957
Francis J. Durkin1959
Leo T. Craig1960
Jack Herbert1962
Adolf E. Kretchmann1962
Clarence L. Cochran1962
Glenn F. Luckey1963
George P. Kirby1965
Charles J. Craig1966
Jack E. Obourn1967
Theodore J. Feldt1969
Walter H. Tubbs1972
Robert I. Cornish1974
Frank F. Love1976
Graydon D. Kirkland1977
Franklin R. Wilson1978
Menzer Glover1980
Paul R. Smith1981
Flavius Herrington1983
Charles H. Bonbrake1983
Donald J. Curreri1984
Harold S. Lagerbom1984
Robert T. Stevens1984
J. Raymond Blank1985
Robert Twist1986
Wallace E. Crumm1989
Roger H. Havert1990
Kenneth L. Piersons1991
Herbert M. Lowery1992
James W. Rader1992
Harold A. Stoll1992
Robert A. Sienkiewicz1995
Joseph R. Smith1996
John E. Nobriga1996
Randy J. Naylor1997
David J. Stewart1997
Merle A.Peck1998
Robert E. Reep Sr.2001
James A. Bement2001
Calvin H. Matson2004
Gustave J. Vang2007
John S. Welch Jr.2008
James W. Carpenter Sr.2010
James L. Tubbs2012
Sala L. Halm2013
Amy M. Radice2014
Richard V. Lewis2017


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Current Members

PPFD RosterYear JoinedCurrent RanksPast Ranks
Joseph M. Button1993Chief
Larry E. Smith1986Assistant ChiefChief
Brian J. McCarthy1982Assistant Chief and Purchasing Officer
Daniel E. Smith2003CaptainJunior 1999-2003 and Vice-President
Cale S. Hodge2008CaptainJunior 1999-2002
Brian D. Francis2011-2013/2015CaptainTreasurer
Marshall E. Franklin2011Lieutenant
Ryan W. Naylor1994LieutenantCaptain
Kyle D. Miller2011Lieutenant
Jacob M. Button2016FirefighterJunior 2013-2015
Dr. Edward A. Franklin Jr. 1989Firefighter and President
Dr. Kathleen A. Hallinan1991-1994/2016Firefighter
William F. Hallinan1967FirefighterPresident
James T. Hill II1990FirefighterVice-President
James T. Hill III2003FirefighterJunior 1999-2003 and Captain
Michael R. Hill2008Firefighter Junior 2003-2008
Victoria C. Hogan2017FirefighterJunior 2015-2017
Larry A. Jenks1967Active Reserve-FirefighterChief
Tod A. Kimmey1998Firefighter
Zachary M. Knapp 2017Firefighter
William L. Letts Jr.2015Firefighter
Gary A. McCaslin1997Chaplain
Christopher Olander1993Firefighter and SecretaryLieutenant
Brian D. Pennell2015Firefighter
Peter J. Reif1988FirefighterSecretary
William E. Scheidweiler Sr.1970Active Reserve-Firefighter and TreasurerChief and Secretary
Brandon J. Smith2008FirefighterJunior 2003-2008 Lieutenant
Daniel P. Smith Sr.1995Active Reserve-Firefighter
Mitchell A. Stull2014Firefighter and Vice-President
Jeffery C. Tyler2017Firefighter
Kevin E. Tyler1996-1999/2001Firefighter
Alexander M. VanDermark2011FirefighterJunior 2008-2011


Retired Members

Retired MembersYear JoinedYear RetiredRanks
Richard D. Quigley19661994
Charles "Peter" Goliber19661999Lieutenant and President
Arthur G. Hale19692007Captain and President
Thomas J. McCarthy19822010Assistant Chief
Larry P. Marcellus19812010Captain and Vice-President
William R. Jones19712010Assistant Chief and Treasurer
Donald W. Yost19682014Treasurer
James "Mike" Button19932015Assistant Chief
Alvin S. Hemly19652015Assistant Chief and President
Jonathon H. Seaton Sr.19942015Captain

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