History of the Painted Post Fire Department

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The Painted Post Fire Service began on August 14, 1884 with the Iredell Hose Company, Iredell Engine Company, and the Bronson Hook and Ladder Company.  In 1893 an additional Hose Company was added to the fleet, the Adams Hose Company. Each company held twenty men, and was highly active in answering alarms and responding to several block fires.  A large fire bell was donated and mounted on the fire station by Bronson family. Each Engine and Hose Cart only carried 500 feet of hose, the Hook and Ladder truck only held two ladders, all the apparatus fully equip cost $1,000 each. In 1927 all the company names were changed to the Painted Post Hose Company and membership reduced to only fifteen. Finally in 1952, the department was renamed to what is now known as the Painted Post Fire Department. The fire department still has one of the original hose carts and Chief helmets in the station and are on display. The fire department was located in a two story wooden structure on West Water St. until September 30, 1919 when a new Town Hall was built for $45,000, to house the Village Board, Fire Department, and Police Department. In 1952 the new municipal building was built to where it is today, in 2001 the municipal building was renovated and expanded to make efficient room for the constant upgrading and larger equipment for the Fire Department. On September 19, 1918 an alarm system was put into place and sixteen fire boxes were placed throughout the Village. the Fire whistle that is still in use today was in service on February 22, 1924, and the alarm system was linked to the whistle on December of the same year. Between 1884 and the mid 1940's, the fire department with only four truck provided fire protection to areas of Painted Post, Gang Mills, Erwin, Presho, Monterey, Lindley, Coopers Plains, Long Acers, Hornby, Riverside, Lawrenceville, and along the borders of Pennsylvania, Addison, Campbell, and Corning. The first motorized piece of equipment was purchased on June 27 1918, it was a Reo combination chemical truck. holding two chemical tanks, 1,000 feet of supply hose, and 200 feet of attack hose, the total purchase was $3,000. The first motor driven pumper was purchased on December 14, 1923, used from Scranton Pa, the truck used cost $1,300. A Chemical Ladder truck was purchased for $9,000 on December 16, 1925, carrying two forty gallon chemical tanks, three hand tanks, 1,600 feet of supply hose, four ladders reaching fifty feet, thirty-five feet, twenty-four feet, and twelve feet. The two trucks were replaced again in 1936 and 1938, a Ward LaFrance 500 gpm pumper in 1936 which was later sold to the Coopers Plains-Long Acers Fire Department in 1953. In 1949 an additional Engine was purchased to bring the fleet to three trucks. In 1955 a sixty-five foot Mack ladder truck was purchased to replace the 1938 Chemical truck.  A Rescue Squad was formed in 1953, with a roster of five men, and was only to act as Fire Police. In 1969, Painted Post purchased and received two American LaFrance Series 900; 1,000 gpm diesel powered custom built fire engines The twins, were the first diesel powered pieces of fire apparatus in Steuben County. Today the Painted Post Fire Department has a roster of thirty-one active members and has seven pieces of apparatus to provide fire protection to the Villages of Painted Post and Riverside, and mutual aid to surrounding fire departments in Steuben County. The fire department is a Municipal Volunteer Fire Department with an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) fire suppression rating of Class 4. The fire department is very proud of this rating as it is usually only earned by full time career fire departments. We have maintained this rating for the past four decades, prier to that we held the highest Insurance Class rating from 1919 until the insurance companies made the transition to a numbering system in the 70's


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Painted Post Fire Department
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