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Engine-27 A 1969 open cab, American LaFrance, 1000 gpm diesel powered custom built fire engine. Used as a supply engine to all structure fires, brush fires and miscellaneous calls, and still meets all the requirements for a class A fire engine.  It's twin was retired in 1998, when the new engine was purchased. Rescue-25 A 1994 EONE Rescue/Command unit, has the capability of  responding to every emergency to perform specialized tasks such as; rescue, search, extrication (jaws of life), medical, hazmat, heavy rescue, and firefighting, as well as other emergencies. It is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to perform every job possible (spare SCBA tanks, high powered lighting and generators, mapping, building plans for commercial and industries, Thermal Imaging Cameras, gas detectors and monitors). Our rescue is also used as a command unit for all types of large scale alarms so the Chief and Liaisons from other departments and agencies can perform their jobs in a controlled environment. This unit will also respond to mutual aid departments to give direct support for each task as well. Engine-30 A 1998 EONE engine with a six person cab, 1,000 gallon tank, and a 1,500 gpm pump. This engine is also equipped with tools and equipment to maintain a class A engine including a set of the jaws of life and tanker filling equipment for fires in the areas with out fire hydrants.  This engine also responds to all vehicle emergencies, (fire and rescue) as well as structure fires as a second due response engine, and responds to all mutual aid emergencies throughout the County. Engine-29 (SS-Hallinan) A 1991 EONE custom built truck, holding a rare ten personal cab, 1,000 gallons of water,  2,000 gpm pump, and six 200ft pre connect hose lines. This engine is also equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to maintain a class A engine.  When purchased, it was the largest fire engine in the County, as well as parts of the State. This engine primarily responds to all structure fires in the Village of Painted Post and Riverside,  and respond  mutual aid only for the City of Corning, and large business and industries in the Town of Erwin. Truck-3 A 1979 American LaFrance 100ft straight stick aerial, is one of four ladder trucks to be purchased and used in the fire department.  Carrying  only ground ladder, saws, and rope, we consider it unique, as it does not have any hose or water like ladder trucks have today. Brush-67 A 1999 Ford 4x4 pick-up truck, used for off road firefighting. This unit hold six persons, 250 gallons of water, forestry hose, rakes, axes, and shovels to make fighting grass, woods, and forest fires an easier task to accomplish. Miscellaneous Unit-13 A personnel van used to transport firefighter and equipment to and from alarms, training, meetings, and classes

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Painted Post Fire Department
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