Applications for Membership

June 2nd, 2014 by

We wish to welcome for membership anyone who lives within the Painted Post and Riverside areas. You must be at least eighteen years old to fill out an application for membership to join the Painted Post Fire Department family. All your needed training, skills, and practices will be funded by the department. College reimbursement and credit may be granted by New York State. Our department is very enthusiastic and active in a multitude of emergency operations and skills. We work very hard and professionally to perform the tasks needed on the fire ground.  We also take notice of family fun events within the department including  picnics, diners, and other family activities. There is a job available  for everyone and we look forward to your participation on our team. Please stop down to the fire station on any Monday night after 7pm, or ask the Village Clerk Monday through Thursday 9am-1pm & 2pm-4pm  to receive an application.


April 7th, 2014 by

FASNY presented us with an appreciation awards, for our highly dedicated and professional services and for over 130 years of firefighting existence. At the 2016 Painted Post Board of Trade Colonial Days Fire Truck Parade we brought home two trophies to add to our display case. Best Appearing Personnel and Oldest Unit In Service. Dr. Kathleen Hallinan compleated a goruck challenge event, visit the web site to see what she accopmlished. Special thanks and job well done to all the members who have compleated state course in the 2016 year, we exceeded our overall state training hours from last year by forty-five hours, with a total of 1320. Reverend Gary A. McCaslin is the 2016 Distinguished Citizen of the Year, presented by the Painted Post Board of Trade. Gary has been our departments Chaplain for nearly twenty years and has just recently retired from the First Baptist Church in the Village. At the Coopers Fire Department Banquet, our friends presented Mitchell A. Stull and the department the Chiefs Award. This honorable and prestigious award is for working very close with them in both training and alarms, increasing the camaraderie between the two departments, and for helping each other in times of need. Thank you Todd Hall and your professional dedicated members, we are proud to call you family and work with your team. Several of our members are expecting new joys in their lives, from new born babies, to weddings and graduations. Congratulations and best wishes to everyone.

Fire Prevention

April 7th, 2014 by

Numerous fire prevention and safety classes are being held again this year at the fire station. To set up a session, contact the Village Hall to leave a message for a Fire Prevention Officer to set-up a date and time for your event.

Fire Department Business

April 7th, 2014 by

Several committees are being formed in the County, Village, and the Fire Department, to review and develop new regulations, guidelines, and trainings. This will ad in the improvement of the departments skills, knowledge, and safety. The Villages Master and Desaster Revisions Plans along with a Comprehensive Planning Board Committee have been formed are are working on updates and future development for the Village. Parade season has ended and we would to thank the community and the area departments for their assistance and support this year in the two parades held in the village. Despite the weather for the Memorial Days Parade, we still had a large turnout and a wonderful ceremony. As for the Colonial Days Parade, the department brought home three trophies, one of which was presented to our most senior honorary member Harold S.B. Hager celebrating his 100th birthday. The fire department has corrdinated a new department photo of the members and trucks that took place on Memorail Days, final photos will be displayed soon. We have created an additional officers position for the truck company. The Lieutenants positions that Kyle Miller has accepted, will increase our span of control and our fire ground direction and guidance. Talks of the annual Wine Glass Marathon, and Pancake Breakfast are already being negotiated, as National Fire Prevention week is October 8th-14th. Recognizing two great fires, the Chicago Fire on October 8th, 1871, when Mrs. Catherine O'Leary milking cow kicked over a lamp and started the devastating fire that burned the entire City and for over two days. The second fire which started the same day in Peshtigo Wisconsin, when railroad workers were clearing land to lay track started a forest fire destroying over sixteen Towns, and also burned for days.      


April 7th, 2014 by

Have your source of heat/air checked and inspected. Have all detectors (smoke, CO, medical) cleaned and serviced on a quarterly bases. All batteries should be changed twice a year. Also evaluate and practice your home safety and escape plans, always have two ways out, and a meeting place. Information and handouts are available at the fire station. In addition to fire safety, please use extreme caution this summer while you partake in your outdoor cooking and recreational burning. Have a fire extinguisher and or a garden hose ready at all times, if you extinguish a fire we still ask you call 911 to have us investigate the emergency.  Fireworks and open burning are illegal and should never be exercised as they are extremely dangerous.

Year Summary

April 7th, 2014 by

Our 2016 year end summary: It has been an extremely busy and productive year, and we are very grateful and appreciative of the hard work, efforts, and dedication from the members of the fire department. All of our goals, and records were exceeded this year, with 1,320 hours of training went to State Course and another 4,000 hours in department training. We responded to 167 alarms, twenty-one more than last year, marking the most calls in our history. Our response locations with other departments are expanding, as we were dispatched to Bath six times for structure fire and standby crews. Time on the fire ground is increasing with over 3,000 hours and an additional 5,000 hours spent on station duties, assignments, details, and events.The department continues to provide assistance to our Pack 129 group, and we also attended several parades and judging contests. Several new members were added to the roster, currently we hold thirty-two very active and zealous members. The new Memorial Park is near completion, with only a few more steps to be implemented this year. Most recently we established a RIT team, and are now part of the Steuben County Tech Rescue Team. Lastly we are working very close with our neighboring departments in both the Corning and Bath areas as we increase our skills to make the fire ground a more safer and profesional location. Our average number of personnel per call is twelve, with a response time less than five minutes with each truck fully staffed with five to six qualified personnel to do the job at hand.   As for 2017, The members have yet again set high goals and marks to maintain our training skills and hours, and to continue working harder with a few of our neighboring fire departments and agencies. Continuing training with the Steuben County FAST and Technical Rescue Teams will be included to our schedules, along with increasing our training on safety and skills will help us maintain a strong and aggressive fire department. This will enable us to meet all of the New York State mandates, and remain safe on fire department time. Furthermore table-top training and pre-planning will also be increased this year to make our knowledge of each structure in the our district sharp and aggressive. We will also be continuing our busy work in the business department by keeping all our records organized and up to date, finalizing annual audits, and making necessary changes to the By-Laws and Standard Operating Guidelines. Our juniors program is also working hard in increasing their skills and work in the business department, as they prepare to transfer into the senior department. Lastly a small committee of the department wives and significant others will be putting together a scrap book with all the departments newspaper articles and pictures, we hope to have it on display at this year’s open house in October.

T-Shirts for Sale!!!

April 7th, 2014 by

2013 Painted Post Fire Department T-shirts are still available, coast is only $20.00 per shirt small, medium, and large are still available. Please stop into the fire station to pick one up, or leave a message at the Village Hall.


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Donations are greatly appreciated, and used to aid in the members of the fire department. All donations can be made to The Members of the Painted Post Fire Department. Thank you in advance, and for your continued support. We also have a bottle return account at the Beartown Beverage Mart located in Erwin next to Peaches-N-Cream, feel free to donate your returns to the members of our department.

DIAL 911

Painted Post Fire Department
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P.O. Box 110
Painted Post, NY 14870-0110
Business: (607)962-4605
Station: (607)937-8166

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