Applications for Membership

June 2nd, 2014 by

We wish to welcome for membership anyone who lives within the Painted Post and Riverside areas. You must be at least eighteen years old to fill out an application for membership to join the Painted Post Fire Department family. All your needed training, skills, and practices will be funded by the department. College reimbursement and credit may be granted by New York State. Our department is very enthusiastic and active in a multitude of emergency operations and skills. We work very hard and professionally to perform the tasks needed on the fire ground.  We also take notice of family fun events within the department including  picnics, diners, and other family activities. There is a job available  for everyone and we look forward to your participation on our team. Please stop down to the fire station on any Monday night after 7pm, or ask the Village Clerk Monday through Thursday 9am-1pm & 2pm-4pm  to receive an application.


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Current Members

PPFD RosterYear JoinedCurrent RanksPast Ranks
Joseph M. Button1993Chief
Larry E. Smith1986Assistant ChiefChief
Brian J. McCarthy1982Assistant Chief and Purchasing Officer
Daniel E. Smith2003CaptainJunior 1999-2003 and Vice-President
Cale S. Hodge2008CaptainJunior 1999-2002
Brian D. Francis2011-2013/2015CaptainTreasurer
Marshall E. Franklin2011Lieutenant
Ryan W. Naylor1994LieutenantCaptain
Kyle D. Miller2011Lieutenant
Jacob M. Button2016FirefighterJunior 2013-2015
Dr. Edward A. Franklin Jr. 1989Firefighter and President
Dr. Kathleen A. Hallinan1991-1994/2016Firefighter
William F. Hallinan1967FirefighterPresident
James T. Hill II1990FirefighterVice-President
James T. Hill III2003FirefighterJunior 1999-2003 and Captain
Michael R. Hill2008Firefighter Junior 2003-2008
Victoria C. Hogan2017FirefighterJunior 2015-2017
Larry A. Jenks1967Active Reserve-FirefighterChief
Tod A. Kimmey1998Firefighter
Zachary M. Knapp 2017Firefighter
William L. Letts Jr.2015Firefighter
Gary A. McCaslin1997Chaplain
Christopher Olander1993Firefighter and SecretaryLieutenant
Brian D. Pennell2015Firefighter
Peter J. Reif1988FirefighterSecretary
William E. Scheidweiler Sr.1970Active Reserve-Firefighter and TreasurerChief and Secretary
Brandon J. Smith2008FirefighterJunior 2003-2008 Lieutenant
Daniel P. Smith Sr.1995Active Reserve-Firefighter
Mitchell A. Stull2014Firefighter and Vice-President
Jeffery C. Tyler2017Firefighter
Kevin E. Tyler1996-1999/2001Firefighter
Alexander M. VanDermark2011FirefighterJunior 2008-2011


Retired Members

Retired MembersYear JoinedYear RetiredRanks
Richard D. Quigley19661994
Charles "Peter" Goliber19661999Lieutenant and President
Arthur G. Hale19692007Captain and President
Thomas J. McCarthy19822010Assistant Chief
Larry P. Marcellus19812010Captain and Vice-President
William R. Jones19712010Assistant Chief and Treasurer
Donald W. Yost19682014Treasurer
James "Mike" Button19932015Assistant Chief
Alvin S. Hemly19652015Assistant Chief and President
Jonathon H. Seaton Sr.19942015Captain

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Painted Post Fire Department
261 Steuben Street
P.O. Box 110
Painted Post, NY 14870-0110
Business: (607)962-4605
Station: (607)937-8166

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